Red Bean and Barley Traditional Chinese Herbal Tea - 20 Tea Bags/ Box

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Chinese Traditional Herbal Teas have been around for over a thousand years and have always been popular. KECLOUD Chinese Herbal Tea series is developed by professional nutritionists, selecting a variety of natural herbs and ingredients, professional mix, rich in a variety of nutrients. As a daily health tea, it does not contain any additives and is suitable for any time of the day.

Size: 2g * 20 Tea Bags

Ingredients: Poria, Rice bean, Euryale ferox, Coix Seed, Red Bean, Hulless Barley, Licorice, Gardenia.

Benefit: Eliminate edema, remove dampness, lower lipid and lower blood pressure.

Packing: Standard package or customized

Price - FOB ports in China

Origin: China

MOQ for Business Bulk Order: 20' Dry Freight Container (If orders less than MOQ, prices are higher than that of MOQ, please contact us for any inquiries.)

1000 pieces in stock

Chinese Herbal Tea - Enjoy a Steady Boost of Energy with an Herbal Alternative to Coffee

We all love a hot drink to give us a kick of energy in the morning, but the conventional caffeine-heavy options tend to have us crashing shortly after. Herbal tea blends can give you that lift, but without the fall that follows — with natural, slow-releasing and steady energy to make you feel alert and fresh.


Pour boiled water over one tea bag. Steep 3 to 5 minutes and remove the tea bag and enjoy. It can be brewed multiple times.


To keep the teas at their peak, store in a dark dry and cool place, away from sunlight and heat.

*Caution: Not suitable for infants, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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