RFA Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea

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KECLOUD's Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea boasts a mild taste and refreshing aroma. For our decaf teas, we exclusively use the carbon dioxide (CO2) method of decaffeination. This process maintains tea flavor and antioxidant levels.

Ingredients: Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaves

Certificates: RFA Certified, USDA Organic Certified

Caffeine Status: Decaffeinated, Caffeine≤0.4%

Packing: Standard package or customized

Price - FOB ports in China

Origin: Hubei, China

MOQ for Business Bulk Order: 20' Dry Freight Container (If orders less than MOQ, prices are higher than that of MOQ, please contact us for any inquiries.)

20' Dry Freight Container
with pallet without pallet
220 bags (11 pallets; 20 bag/pallet) 240 bags

1000 pieces in stock

KECLOUD 100% Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea leaves are selected from the Rainforest Alliance Certified tea gardens. They were grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Decaffeinated through a gentle, environmentally friendly carbon dioxide (CO2) process while retaining its flavor and naturally occurring antioxidants. Perfect for tea drinkers who love the taste and benefits of green teas but would rather not consume caffeine.

Relax and enjoy our organic decaf green teas with a naturally mild and smooth flavor anytime!


Use fresh, pure water for brewing tea. Use one tea bag in 6-8 oz.(175 mL- 240 mL) of water that has just come to a boil and let it cool briefly before brewing. Steep 3-5 minutes.


Store in cool dry place, keep in an air tight container after opening.

We have stringent processes in place to control tea quality.
● Directly source raw tea from our partners of more than 20 tea gardens, totaling 33,000 acres and most of locations are far away from cities and 600-1000 meters high above sea level, and annual output 1,250,000 tones of teas in compliance with US & EU standards.
● About 6000 acres of tea gardens certified by USDA/EU Organic, annual organic tea output 225,000 tonnes of organic teas.
● All processing and manufacturing partners pass certifications of GMP/ ISO 9001/ ISO 22000, having been supplying for business worldwide.
● At critical processing points and before delivery to clients, raw and finished teas are tested by Eurofins, SGS, UL, and third parties designated by our clients.

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