◐ A wholesale account is right for you if you are 

  • Looking for wholesale tea in amounts of more than 40' dry freight container or wholesale teaware in amounts of more than 1000 sets per order.

  • A coffee shop, cafe, tea shop, restaurant, spa, a gourmet food store, business, institution, or gift shop looking for high-quality specialty tea and teaware.

  • Looking for gifts for your family, friends, or company.

  • Even individuals who want to have private label tea as party favor gift for their wedding.


◑ By opening a wholesale account with us you get                

  • High-quality products

  • Renowned the place of origin

  • Tea or teaware direct from the makers

  • Various kinds of wholesale teas or teaware

  • The most professional service

  • Easy to use online wholesale shop

  • And more 


KECLOUD's tea ingredients are selected from the all natural high-altitude tea in the Wuling mountains, and source all teas from planting bases and factories compliant with European Union and US standards. The teaware is selected from Jingdezhen, China, which is the "City of Porcelain". KELCOUD only provides you with the best choice.

Are you looking to buy wholesale premium organic tea or high-quality teaware? Choose KECLOUD’s website, you don’t have to go to trade shows and get the best products directly.          



Our wholesale products are shipped directly from China, the place of origin. For specific shipping time and methods, please refer to KECLOUD's shipping policy or contact us.


Our products are directlyshippedfrom the place of origin, without any secondary procedures, offering complete control over product quality and cost.

Please click here  Our wholesale catalog of tea and teawares  to see what we have available and contact us today to get your most satisfied product.