How to Make That Perfect Cup of Tea

  • KECLOUD's product includes instruction on how to brew for each of our products, including the brewing method. Generally, brewing instructions with water temperature, steep time, and dosage are found on our packaging.
  • Please use fresh cold filtered water, this ensures that the water is aerated (full of oxygen) to release the full flavor of the tea leaves, as old water that’s been sitting around in the kettle has less oxygen. In addition, boil water to 100°C, never reboil water.
  • Generally, the more oxidized the tea, the longer it takes to brew. So for instance a black tea is fully oxidized which means that it prefers near boiling water and a longer brewing time. The same goes for processed teas such as Oolong. Milder teas such as green, white teas are hardly oxidized at all - meaning they prefer milder temperatures and shorter brewing times.
  • If you steep tea for too little time, your tea can be weak and watery. If you over steep your tea, you could risk a mouthful of bitterness and astringency. Taste your tea after the minimum recommended steeping time and then decide if you’d like it to steep a little longer.
  • A good tip for loose tea is, don't use so much, because many people feel that the more tea they have, the more intense the flavour will be. But this is not the case, tea needs movement and freedom and even a pinch of loose tea will give you that fantastic flavour you deserve.
  • Whichever vessel you’re using to steep your tea, remember to always cover your tea while it steeps to help keep as much heat as possible inside the steeping vessel.
  • You can use tea bags or loose leaf tea. Not all pitchers come with a handy infuser for loose tea brewing, but filter bags work in a pinch!




      Iced Tea Brewing Guide


      • Brew a cup or pot of hot tea just as you normally would, let it cool down, put it in the refrigerator to chill, and then pour it over ice when you’re ready to serve. If you pour it over ice while it’s still hot, the tea will become diluted with melted iced.
      • Special tips: Use twice as much tea as you normally would. This will make sure your iced tea is bold in flavor.
      • Add your sugar or sweetener while the tea is still hot. If your iced tea is already chilled, we recommend adding agave nectar to sweeten your tea; unlike sugar or honey, agave will easily dissolve in cold tea.